Thursday, January 08, 2009

2008 in Review

I got this idea from Mo, who snagged it over that other Gal's place.

Copy, paste, & share the first sentence(s) of the first post of each month during 2008: (link to each post by clicking on the title)

January: In Praise of Captain Tony's "This is my favorite bar in Key West."

February: You Big Babies! "
Ok, so it snowed last night and all morning."

March: Where have you been all my life? "I'm talking about the show NCIS generally, and Mark Harmon specifically."

April: Tuesday Tunes "Word association week: Remember name the first song/album/artist/musical style that comes to mind when you see the following 10 words."

May: Grrrr! "I'm wound a little tight just now."

June: She gets me every time "I was channel surfing just now and came upon Olive Hoover as she prepares to do her big "Super Freak" number in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant."

July: Today would have been her birthday. "#47, I believe. I wonder what a middle-aged Princess Diana would be doing."

August: Miss Me? "The Blogger robots came by yesterday and decided I was one of them."

September : When Is a Duck a Real Ass? "When Mad Men is on, that's when."

October: Well, that was cruel "I cannot believe how tonight's Cubs/Dodgers game went!"

November: Lunch with my niece "We celebrated her birthday, just she and I, at an Italian restaurant."

December: Funny or Sad? You Be the Judge. "You are looking at the interest my Chase checking account earned during the month of November."

Let me know if you choose to play along, so I can see how your world looks in review.


  1. I played at Small Reflections on December 31st ... and it's fun to see others participating and circulating the award ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Ooops ... it seems you may have already SEEN mine ;--)
    Thanks for the linky-luv!
    Hugs and blessings,
    aka HRG

  3. Well, that's kinda cool! I think I will try this one. (Takes a lot of cut and paste fun, doesn't it?)

  4. LoL...I think Sparky has an ingrown feather...

    That WAS fun, wasn't it?! (I actually got this from storyteller, so I haven't seen "the other gal's" post...gonna go head there now!)

    Have a great weekend, Gal!

  5. Ha! So I'm an idiot; I had NO IDEA 'storyteller' and 'happily retired' were in fact, one in the same (I looked all over that blog for this post, and guess what?! It wasn't there!!), there's my daily lesson for this Friday!

    Again, enjoy your weekend...

  6. This is a great idea for a meme. I won't bore everyone again with 2008 but I may modify this and tweak it a bit to suit my royal purposes....bwaahhaahaa....I'm cookin' up a mean dungeon meme.

  7. Love this idea, look for it!