Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Countdown Meme

Memeing so I won't get too excited about seeing Broooooooooce tonight ...

Name --

Five of your favorite songs: Thunder Road, No Surrender, Prove It All Night, I'm on Fire and Rosalita (This isn't distracting me from the Springsteen concert, after all.)

Four things in your purse, briefcase or glove compartment: In my purse you'll find my wallet, glasses, contact lens solution, contact lens case, and my BRUCE ticket (concert starts at 7:30 ...)

Three books you have read: The three on my Shelfari shelf at right (none even contain a reference to Bruce)

Two TV shows you try not to miss: Law & Order: SVU and American Idol (which I'm missing tonight because I'm seeing Bruce)

The last person you spoke to on the phone: The Walgreens pharmacist -- my prescription is ready for pick up. (Can't figure out how to tie my dermatologist to Bruce ...)

If you play along, let me know so we can compare answers (even if yours have nothing whatsoever to do with Bruce).

Snip, snip

I wore my hair short and dyed it red for decades. I had been cutting and coloring it for so long that I'd actually kinda forgotten what its natural state was. So I stopped dying it and let it grow. I'm happy with the color as God intended it, but the length ... Eh. My hair has become a high-maintenance mass of cowlicks and unruly curls and they have to go. This Saturday morning. Snip, snip. Bye bye.

My search for an example of what I want to show the stylist had me landing in KatieLand with both feet. I really like the no-muss, no-fuss style Katie Holmes wears. But she's much younger than I am. I was afraid I'd look tragically jeune fille.

Then I saw what that other Katie was up to. Katie Couric is older than I am, and she looks just fine.

So now I have a plan. I just wish I didn't have to wait until Saturday. Once I make up my mind about these things, I want to do them NOW.

Bad Andy

Back in 1957, a virtual unknown named Andy Griffith played a virtual unknown named Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes. His easy, "aw shucks" charm covers a dark heart and massive ego. Thanks to his natural talent and a knack for knowing what the public wants, Lonesome rises rapidly from a 2-minute radio curiosity to a national TV sensation, selling his loyal audience on everything from his sponsors' products to the candidates who bribe him. He's a complete, charismatic fraud.

This movie, A Face in the Crowd, was made years before Andy Griffith became Sheriff Andy Taylor and put Mayberry on the map. It's rattling to see him as a hard drinking, coarse, cruel womanizer and opportunist. I guess I forgot he was an actor, not a small-town lawman. And the comparison between Rhodes and a certain right wing radio commentator who today is drunk with his own power and importance is inescapable.

If you get a chance to see A Face in the Crowd, don't miss it. I'm watching it on TCM right now and am hooked.