Thursday, May 30, 2019

Now isn't this better?

About 10 days ago, I had an unfortunate run in with my neighbor at the end of the hall. Mr. Braverman just moved into his condo last year, loves it, and understandably doesn't want to sell (and deconversion is something we're seriously considering). I get that. But in our hallway contretemps he not only expressed concern about that, he began sharing his strong opinions about how the building is being run. I told him I felt as though I was being interrogated. This made him angry and he stormed off.

I don't like living like this. Life throws enough stress out way. It doesn't help to be be concerned about running into angry every time I enter or exit my front door.

So, when yesterday I ran into Mr. Braverman in the lobby, I was nervous.

Apparently he feels bad about our last encounter, too. For all we talked about was baseball. I told him that I just so happened to be going to Wrigley Field this Monday and he said I must be the World's Best Aunt.

Superficial and friendly! That's how I like my relationship with my neighbors!