Monday, April 16, 2018

April Challenge -- Day 17

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A Quote You Try to Live By


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April Challenge -- Day 16

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Bullet your entire day.

•  Wake up with the (first) alarm. Lay there in bed until I hear the weather so I can plan what I wear.

•  Feed the cats. Referee the food envy and keep each focused on his/her bowl.

•  Check email, check my Farmville 2 Farm, begin this blog post.

•  It's after my shower that my morning always goes off the rails. I start to do one thing, and get distracted and distracted some more. And next thing I know, a half hour is gone and I'm running late.

•  Ride the el to work.  Read Sunday's Sun-Times during my trip. It seems President Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, has ties to Chicago which are of interest to the Feds.

•  New project at work! Our client requested some new communication to drive traffic to the website promoting their Community Reinvestment Act mortgages and refi's.

 •  Scheduled my test for Wednesday. Hopefully, these images of my gut will help my doctor understand what's going on with my gut.

•  Had lunch in the cafeteria with Patty Hearst. I had chicken fried rice and a vegetable egg roll.

•  Attended an agency-sponsored talk by LaToya Ruby Frazier called "Art as a Weapon." I found her work and attitude moving and disturbing, which was her intent. It ran longer than scheduled because someone asked questions at the end. (OK, it was me. As much as I appreciated her photography, I wanted to make sure nothing was posed or staged.)

•  Rescued a couple tiny sandwiches from the deli tray brought in for Ms. Frazier's presentation. It will be my lunch tomorrow.

•  Tied up a few loose ends at my desk (specifically promoting my client's credit card as the way to pay for vacations this summer).

•  Got home late, which doesn't matter because the Cubs game was called. :(

•  Went through my mail and actually toyed with buying this $47 Kris Bryant ornament from The Bradford Exchange. Never mind that I don't put up a Christmas tree. It lights up! (I better recycle that flyer before I give in and order it.)

•  Fed the cats and kept each to his/her own bowl.

•  Had a bowl of chicken noodle soup, a fist full of crackers and lots of raisins for dinner. I've got a couple salmon fillets waiting for me in the frig, but I just wasn't salmon-fillet level hungry this evening.

•  Watching the Sean Hannity/Michael Cohen mess on CNN as I write this.

•  I figure on retiring at about 10:00. Watch some classic sitcoms or old movies until I nod off. Undoubtedly, Reynaldo will be by my side. Nighty-night!


If you're interested in seeing the April Challenge prompts and joining in, click here.