Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Thursday Thirteen #340

13 uses for petroleum jelly. I have a jar that goes largely untouched in my medicine cabinet. I looked around on the web and I think I'm missing some opportunities here.

1. Eye makeup remover. This is why I've got it. But I'm such a lazy gal, I don't wash my face before bed and so I scrub yesterday's makeup off in my morning shower. But Vaseline is gentle and would have the added benefit of moisturizing the skin around my eyes at bedtime (if I used it).

2. Soothe dry nose. If, like me, you have steam heat, this can help keep your schnoz comfortable and healthy throughout the winter.

3. Lip balm. Vaseline also sells a formulation specially for this purpose, but the original works just fine, too.

4. Mani/pedi touch ups. Spread a tiny bit around your cuticles before you apply the polish. Then, after your nails are completely dry, all you have to do is wipe away the petroleum jelly.

5. Protect your skin when you do a DIY dye job. Apply it to your ears, neck, and hairline to reduce the likelihood of staining. (When I colored my own hair, I did this and it worked perfectly.)

6. Extend your scent. Put a dab on each wrist before you apply cologne and let it slow the fragrance's evaporation.

7. First aid. Apply it to minor cuts and burns. It adds a protective barrier to damaged, vulnerable skin that can aid in healing.

8. Care "down there." It's not only good for baby's diaper rash, it can provide similar relief for grown ups after a bout of diarrhea or constipation. 

9. Comfort after a tattoo. Skin gets angry after being tattooed. A layer of petroleum jelly provides relief, as well as moisture and protection.
10. Removing adhesive. Use it to get rid of the stickiness left on glass or plastic by labels or price tags.
11. Got a bike? Apply a little to the chain to keep things running smoothly.
12. Got a car? Extend the life of a new battery by applying a little Vaseline to the terminals when you install it.

13. Got feet? Relieve dry, cracked heels. At bedtime, slather a generous amount on your heals and then put on socks.

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