Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Four classes in the book

I have now taken four yoga classes with four different instructors. Here is what I've learned:

•  I don't enjoy doing yoga, but I do enjoy having done yoga. It's hot in that studio, and I'm not good at it yet. (No way can I do downward dog. Just not gonna happen.) But I do feel better. So I'm sticking with it.

•  Early is better than later. I've taken classes at 10:00 AM, noon, and 7:30 PM. The 10:00 AM class works best for me. I was ravenous after the noon class. I was sluggish during the evening class because I'd already had dinner. Morning seems to be my Goldilocks time: just right.

•  The teachers really matter. The first one seemed to assume we were all experienced, but I'm a novice and I suck. The second one was great, very good with offering modifications, but mine was her last class. Literally. She'd already given notice. The third was better than the first and renewed my commitment. The one this morning was very good, too. "There's no right or wrong here," she said repeatedly. I appreciated that.

•  I feel supported. This studio just opened in August, less than six months ago, and I am their first Medicare member. They receive the fee for my 4 classes/month directly from United Healthcare. So we were very patient with each other during sign up. After all, I've never been on Medicare before, and the paperwork is byzantine. Kirsten, the woman who works the front desk, has suggested classes and called me at home to see how it's going. I appreciate the service and support.

•  I can do these stretches at home, you know. Just because I haven't yet doesn't mean I can't. I will try to incorporate a few minutes of stretches into my first-thing-in-the-morning routine.

So it looks like yoga will remain part of my new retired life, at least for a while.

The Conspirator's Deathwatch

Monday night, a 24-year-old man suffered a heart attack on national television. Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills collapsed after a hit. His heartbeat was restored on the field and he was rushed to a Cincinnati hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

Today the internet is alive with conspiracy theorists, insisting that Monday was "a bad day for Pfizer" because this young man had been vaccinated. Not that it was bad for the Bills, or his teammates, or the traumatized viewing public, or his family ... No, Pfizer. Apparently they believe this was Dr. Fauci's fault, and they are delighted. Fucking ghouls.

When the official statements were released by the hospital, the NFL, and the Hamlin family, we were warned not to be fooled. They are all in on it. The doctors, the league and his loved ones are all part of the vaccination conspiracy. Damar Hamlin is intubated, and conspiracy theorists are luxuriating in falsehoods and demonization. 

That these online anti-vaxxers tend to be Republican doesn't make sense, since it was Donald Trump's Operation Warp Speed that spearheaded creation of the vaccine. Also, if they want to investigate conspiracies, why not look at January 6? You know, the insurrection that took place right there on TV. Why was Ginni Thomas, wife of the Supreme Court Justice, texting Mark Meadows? Why did five GOP House Members request Presidential pardons after January 6?

But it's hot under those tinfoil hats. Logic must be difficult.

They could be using social media to look more closely at the hit that precipitated Damar Hamlin's collapse. Should the NFL entertain a rule change that could not only save the lives of their players but all the kids who emulate them? Or they could get the word out about first aid after a heart attack (which you'll find here). 

But why do something that will help when you can instead do something that hurts?

Vaccines save lives. Damar Hamlin had a heart attack because he tackled a 6'4, 220 lb. wide receiver.

So many of these baseless conspiracists claim to be Christian. Instead of spreading lies, maybe these keyboard monsters could pray. Of course, if he survives he's worth less to their ugly agenda.

Phew! What a relief!

Today I got an email from Cook County Jury Administration. "Your request for a different Location was granted. Please disregard current summons, as you have been rescheduled for a later service date. You should receive a new summons in the mail in approximately 11 weeks from your current service date of 01/19/2023."

The good news is that I'm no longer expected to take a train, transfer to another train, and walk nearly a mile to the assigned Courthouse -- which was silly because there are county courthouses nearer me.

The bad news is that 11 weeks puts us to April 6, and my vacation to the TCM Classic Film Festival begins April 12. I have my flights, my passes, and my hotel all booked. So I may have to go through all this again in three months.

Oh, well. I shall concentrate on the positive: a real-live Cook County employee (instead of a computer) looked at my original summons and my plea for relocation and came to the right conclusion. My local government works. That's a good thing.