Thursday, August 07, 2014

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 6

Today's Happiness (1) -- Walgreens. The drugstore chain is keeping their headquarters here in the United States, here in Illinois. This is very good news for all Americans, but especially those of us in the Chicago area. Walgreens is a major employer and I don't think our economy can bear another body blow right now. To celebrate, I bought my most recent box of Kleenex at Walgreens instead of CVS, my usual store of choice.

BTW, the national press keeps saying Walgreens is a "Chicago-based company." It's headquartered in Deerfield, one of the whiter white-bread suburbs. It couldn't be more different from Chicago. As offended as Chicagoans are by being confused with Deerfield, those folks must be even more upset. After all, Chicagoans are what they fled when they went to Deerfield.

Today's Happiness (2) -- Red Robin. A tiny little location on Michigan Avenue somehow escaped my notice ... until now. My burger was delicious. My gastrointestinal tract is not as enthusiastic as my palette, but I still don't regret my choice. It's that good. As the commercials say, YUMMMM!