Tuesday, August 29, 2023

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 29

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Today's Happiness: "Hey, Chicago, what do you say? The Cubs are gonna win today."

My guys stopped the Brewers winning streak at 9 and tonight it looks like there will be playoff baseball here in Chicago this season. Go, Cubs, Go!


August Happiness Challenge -- Day 28

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Today's Happiness: Supporting small business.

There's a little independenly owned pharmacy on the other side of town.  The big chains around here -- Walgreens and CVS -- don't compound medications for pets so in 2021, when Reynaldo needed a special cream to treat his thyroid, I ended up here. They always provided reliable service and free delivery and even occasionally included a toy for my Rey-Rey. How could I not love them?

Unfortunately, insurance wouldn't allow me to use them for my own meds. My prescription plan insisted on a specific mail-order pharmacy for medications I took regularly and "preferred" Walgreens for prescriptions that needed to be filled immediately.

But with Medicare I was able to choose my own prescription plan and found one that let me use this little pharmacy. Monday I refilled my epipen and it was delivered, for free, natch. I was happy to repay their service with my business.