Thursday, July 02, 2020

Let's talk underwear

I have my good underwear. These are the bras and panties that are in pristine condition. These are the ones I'm sure to wear to the health club or to the doctor. These are the ones I'm careful to pack for vacation, because I know if my bag is lost, an airline employee will see them. (My variation on the "be sure to wear clean underwear in case you end up in the emergency room" argument.)

Then I have my other underwear. The bras that have been washed so often they no longer quite fit right. The panties with elastic waistbands that lack a bit of snap. Normally, if I'm just going to be lying around the house, I reach for my other underwear.

But with Covid19,  almost all my days are spent lying around the house. I think perhaps it's time to splurge on some more good underwear and dispose of my other underwear.

Yes, this is what I think about during these days of modified lockdown.