Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Imagine no handgun violence. It's easy if you try ...

Long, LONG Day

I'm frigging exhausted. It's not the work that has gotten to me. I enjoyed doing the work. It's the politics and procedures that wore me out. My boss brought a pair of freelancers in to help with the project we're presenting tomorrow, and the writer is such a douche. My boss was in meetings all day and I was left to manage him and it's just made me so tired.

Apparently everything we have been doing for years is wrong, according to the freelance writer, and the two on-staff creative teams should change our work to be consistent with his. I could and did explain and reiterate and then it hit me: he understood me, he just didn't want to make the changes.

So I told him to email his work and I would revise it myself, adding 2 hours to my workday.

Oh well, most of the work I will present tomorrow is very good, and that's always satisfying. I'll just go to bed early and try to put this long-ass day behind me.