Thursday, August 10, 2023

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 10

My 2023 Happiness Icon

Today's Happiness: I used my words

I spent about an hour today answering personal emails. 

    The first was to my former art director. She started the day by sharing a message she received about how well she did Wednesday in a presentation. I was happy that she wanted to share her glory with me, and I reinforced her by telling her I was pleased, but not surprised, that she's doing so well in her new role.

•    The second was to my friend Joanna. I haven't heard from her in a while, but when she heard about Anthony Rizzo she reached out with a long and appropriately serious article about his concussion. It was thoughtful of her. I thanked her and let her know I miss her.

•    The last was to Rita. This one wasn't in response to anything. I was just following up because I know she was hoping to have her leg surgery this month. She's easy to get it behind her! Rita has a tumultuous relationship with her mother and has, in the past, slotted me in that spot. I wanted her to know she's not alone.

I can't sing or dance. But I can write. When you live alone like I do, it's easy to get too deep into my own head. I'm happy that I was looking outward today and used my words to be supportive.


Thursday Thirteen #321

The songs we enjoyed 50 years ago. According to Billboard, here are the 13 best-selling singles of 1973. I knew all but one (#6) instantly. How about you?

1. Tie A Yellow Ribbon. Tony Orlando and Dawn

2. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. Jim Croce

3. Killing Me Softly. Roberta Flack

4. Let's Get It On. Marvin Gaye

5. My Love. Paul McCartney & Wings

6. Why Me? Kris Kristofferson

7. Crocodile Rock. Elton John

8. Will It Go Round in Circles? Billy Preston

9. You're So Vain. Carly Simon

10. Touch Me in the Morning. Diana Ross

11. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia. Vicki Lawrence

12. Playground in My Mind. Clint Holmes

13. Brother Louie. Stories

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