Tuesday, September 07, 2010

10 on Tuesday

On my mind right now:

1) According to the new Liz Taylor bio I'm reading, I'm now about the size she was when this photo was taken. This does not make me happy.

2) Which is why I am going to adhere strictly to my Daily Plate caloric restrictions. I finally get it -- when I "cheat," the only one who gets hurt is me.

3) I love listening to Diana Ross, especially when she sings sad songs. ("Touch Me in the Morning" just came on.)

4) My old boyfriend's wife just disclosed that her favorite TV show is Castle. Truly, thanks to her Facebook page, I feel like I know her better than I ever knew him ... and while I've never met her, I was intimate with him (at least physically). This amuses me.

5) It bothers me how Islamaphobic this country has become.

6) I think Joran Van Der Sloot is the most evil human being I have ever seen.

7) As opposed to Mark David Chapman, who is simply a sick, sick puppy. Which is not to say I'm sorry he was denied parole for the cold-blooded murder of John Lennon. Prison is right where he belongs. I am just differentiating between "damaged" and "irretrievably broken."

8) I had a very vivid dream that my boss was laid off and I can't stop thinking about it. I suspect it's because I subconsciously and very guiltily want it to happen.

9) I'm thinking of taking my living room stereo (receiver, tape deck, CD player and two speakers) to Goodwill and replacing it with a boombox. It would free up a lot of room and I really listen to music mostly on the go through headphones.

10) I feel as though both Mayor Daley and Lou Piniella have abandoned ME personally, which could be why my shrink tells me I have Daddy Issues.

I hate this news

I have always liked Mayor Richard M. Daley. Since 9/11, I have loved him. He keeps us safe. It's not the Federal Government that provides the officers who board trains with bomb-sniffing dogs or patrol the Chicago River in Police Boats when there are rumors of a terror threat. Mayor Daley makes sure they're there. HE is this city's first and best defense against attack, and right now, I feel rather vulnerable knowing he won't be looking out for us ever more.