Friday, May 26, 2023

A new chapter is about to begin

I just read the "goodbye" email from our interim minister. She's been with us since our lead minister was canned. As a congregation we were sad and exhausted when she joined us. I haven't agreed with some of what she tried to do -- I think at times she overstepped her role as "interim" -- but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate how patient and imaginative she's been, especially at the holidays and on special occasions as we not only adjusted to life without our long-term minster, we were coming out of covid.

But we got through covid and now it's time for a new minister, and we have one! I'm very excited for his arrival in August. (Our associate minister is intentionally flying solo this summer to ease the transition from interim minister to permanent one.)

Religious leadership -- the head office 900 miles away -- feels that part of why our previous minister went awry is that he was with us too long without adequate review or supervision. So it was decided, and our elected church board enthusiastically agrees, that our new minister will be with us for "a limited duration of 4 to 7 years." His will be a developmental ministry, and he'll help us focus on achieving pre-determined our fiscal goals -- apparently we're in quite a financial pickle -- and dialing down the anxiety. The relationship between minister and staff had really broken down and our new minister has a strong track record of financial leadership and collaborative governance.

More important to me personally: He also promises to encourage our passion to become a more truly anti-oppression/anti-racist congregation. This new guy has his work cut out for him, but everyone wants him to succeed and now that we've established where we're going, it'll be easier for us to all pull this cart in the same direction. 

And when we move away from the money issues and the interoffice politics, ultimately what we want is glory to God through service to man.