Monday, March 18, 2024

Three Nice Things about Myself -- Day 18

My blogging buddy, Kwizgiver, wrote a post that really resonated with me. She detailed how self-care helped her helped her prevail during a (ridiculously) tough month. Her tips were very wise and so doable! So she has inspired me to take one and integrate it into my own life.

Since I can be a pretty harsh self-critic, this is the one I chose. I hope I can do this every day during March. By then it should be a habit, right?

Three nice things about myself -- March 18:

1) I used coupons. I'm OK financially now, but who knows how long my retirement will last? What if my hours never do pick up again at the card shop, or the stock market tanks and my mutual funds are worth less (or worthless)? I don't want to sacrifice today's pleasures because of a dire future that may never unfold. But I don't want to be stupid, either. Using coupons today to stock up on Gerber baby food (I melt Connie Cat's meds into it) and a free pizza for lunch/dinner was smart, and a form of self-care.

2) I always wave back. Today a little boy in stroller waved at me and I waved back. The woman walking her dog on the other side of the street ignored him. Maybe she didn't see him? Whatever. I always wave back. Whenever I'm near the Chicago River and the tour boats float by, I wave back at the tourists. I wonder how many vacation pics I've been in over the years. It's a tiny thing, I know, but I like myself for waving back.

3) I included lip balm. I hand out "blessing bags" to the homeless people I encounter. The staples are always a breakfast bar, a $1 bill, Kleenex and two single-use packs of Purell. I had included Hot Hands, handwarmers I got on sale at Target, but I ran out and besides, it's not that cold day in/day out anymore. So what can I add that I can afford? I found a big jar of 48 sticks of lip balm, various flavors, for just $25, or about 50¢/each. I figured chapped lips are a year-round problem, right? Today one of the gentlemen I help out on a regular basis called out to me on the street to tell me how much he liked the fruit flavors! Of course I gave him another bag, this time with a coconut lip balm. Anyway, I liked that I used my imagination, and that my choice was hitsville.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was very snappish in movie group tonight. People were annoying me left and right and I didn't respond well. But this is supposed to be positive self talk, right?