Friday, March 16, 2018


Here's the skinny on Napoleon and his family: I saw a very, very sleepy Caleb Tuesday evening. He told me that this week, his wife was undergoing a hysterectomy. The hospital feels that this is the best way to combat her cervical cancer. Many details fell through the cracks as we spoke, since he was just so tired. (For example, he kept saying "artery" when he meant "ovary.") But of course he's exhausted. He works overnights, visits his wife in the hospital, sleeps a little, panhandles on the corner, visits his wife again, and goes back to work. It's a grueling and uncomfortable life.

But at least they've moved indoors. They had been living in a tent with a flap that never stayed completely closed, but now Caleb can safely leave his much adored Napoleon in the bedroom they now rent while he's working or at the hospital. For himself, he's got a sleeping bag on the mattress, but he's saving for sheets for Randi when she comes home to recuperate. It's important to him that she have clean sheets as she recovers from surgery, possibly four weeks.

Randi's boss at the salon sounds like a nice woman. She sent cosmetology books for Randi to study during her recuperation. She can't afford to pay Randi for work not done, but sending the books is a gesture of support. The boss is letting Randi know that when she's well, her job will be waiting for her.

I am cautiously optimistic for this little family. Snarkypants suggested crowd funding and it's a good idea. But it's hard to do because I wouldn't be raising the money for myself, it would be for Napoleon and his parents. How would I transfer the money to them? Or could I get their banking information? And what about photos? Caleb would have to bring Napoleon downtown or I'd have to go to their new home to take pictures? It's worth exploring, but I need Caleb to be able to focus, and he was just too tired to be my partner in this right now.