Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Mighty Clouds of Joy (1974)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song celebrates serenity. Are you feeling peaceful this morning? No. I'm off to a dentist appointment and I really, really hope it goes well. I'm not a dentalphobe, but I can't afford even a filling right now.

2) The lyrics include allusions to sun and clouds. How does the world look where you are? Is it sunny or cloudy? The sun isn't up yet, but the weatherman predicts sunny skies.

3) This week's featured artist, BJ Thomas, is in the Grammy Hall of Fame for another hit record that uses weather as a metaphor, "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head." Make up a Hall of Fame that you believe you should be inducted into. (For example, Crazy Sam has inducted herself into The Meme Mistress Hall of Fame for her service to Saturday 9.) I believe I qualify as a Hall of Fame Cub Fan.

4) When Crazy Sam hears this song, she always sings along ... loud. Is there a song you simply cannot resist singing along with? So many! How about this one? "He walks away, the sun goes down. He takes the day but I'm grown ..."

5) BJ Thomas has performed this song at The Grand Ole Opry. The Opry has been broadcast on the radio every week since 1925, nearly 95 years ago! Of course, back in the 1920s, radio was the only broadcast media. Today we have other choices. Is listening to the radio part of your daily routine? I sing along with my shower radio every morning.

6) Though their dress code is lenient, country music fans who attend the Opry for a live show are warned: "Just remember, there's one rule we take very seriously here at the Grand Ole Opry -- you must wear something." Easter Sunday is a day many of us dress up. What will you be wearing today? But today is Easter Saturday, so I'm just wearing jeans/tshirt. I'll wear a nicer blouse to church tomorrow.

7) Easter is recognized as the start of the spring season. What are you looking forward to this spring? Baseball!

8) Lilies are popular at Easter. Do you have a favorite flower? Carnations. They come in so many colors and smell so good.

9) Which would rather find in your Easter basket: yellow marshmallow chicks (aka Peeps) or a plastic egg filled with pennies? Pennies. Lots of pennies. I will put them toward a nice, chocolate bunny.

April Prompt -- Day 20

"What would you like to know about the future?" 

What's going on with the condo deconversion? Am I selling my unit as part of the building sale? Am I moving? Or should I upgrade my unit by replacing the windows and ceiling fans (and, later, the carpet).

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