Tuesday, February 02, 2021


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1. What are you currently reading? The Princess Bride by William Goldman. "Who can know when his world is going to change?" So begins William Goldman's reminiscence of when his father introduced him to this fable. It also applies to me when I first discovered this book. I loved The Princess Bride beyond measure when I was a young woman. Revisiting it as a no longer young woman, I'm pleased to report it still shines. 

If you enjoyed the movie, I still recommend the book. Because it's about more. In addition to the swashbuckling tale of the Dread Pirate Roberts, the Farm Boy and the beautiful Buttercup, there's a subtext of resignation that comes with maturity. This story is tinged with the hip cynicism of a romantic who has been disappointed by life. It's about what we're left with when our dreams don't come true.
Which is not to say it's not funny. The book is just as funny as the movie. I am captivated by William Goldman's voice, humor and imagination. I am so glad I picked this book up again.
2. What did you recently finish reading? The Secret, Book & Scone Society by Ellery Adams. This is the story of four women in Miracle Springs, NC, a small town that sprang up around natural hot springs. It's supported by tourism, by people who visit to take the waters. It matters that these women are "townies" (bookseller, bathhouse attendant, baker and beautician). Tourists come and go, but these four aren't going anywhere and their paths will cross again and again. Therefore, there's risk involved when these four damaged souls choose to share their secrets and become friends, real friends. I understood and was involved with this part of the story.
Suddenly this bucolic town is plagued by a pair of murders. The four women join forces to form the Secret, Book & Scone Society and head out to solve them. It's their amateur sleuthing that kinda bored me. 
So I liked this book, but didn't love it. It's the first installment in a series and as such has an awful to do -- create a unique sense of place, introduce the characters and their backstories and give them a crime to solve. Sometimes the subsequent books are better because their agenda isn't so crowded. I may give this series another chance in the future. 
3. What will read next?  I don't know, but since I'm rereading and enjoying The Princess Bride I'm thinking of perhaps revisiting one of the biographies I read long ago.

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2) What are you looking forward to this month?

Feeling my new financial normal.

I got a raise on December 1, but it didn't appear until my December 31 check, with my Christmas bonus, so it looked like a lot. Then in January, with my refi I got a refund check for overpayment on my previous mortgage account. And, with the refi, my mortgage payment is naturally lower. So in December and January I felt like I was rolling in dough.

That's not reality though. It's not like I suddenly became a Vanderbilt in December. So February is my first real financial month of 2021.