Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh, but I'm a crafty one!

I had Friday off and spent it doing my chores. But I put aside one load of laundry (my darks, to be precise). Then I contacted my oldest friend -- who had to work on Friday -- and asked her if she wanted any help preparing for her garage sale. She said no, she'd hired a consultant to help with that, but she was happy to just hang around. I asked if it was OK if I brought my darks -- which would save me the time and quarters it would take in my building's laundry room. But really, it gave me the opportunity to help her make a dent in that overwhelming pile of dirty clothes at her house. After all, she worked all day and her household is completely disrupted by the garage sale and she's wrestling with whether or not to move to California. My little ruse enabled me to do three loads of her wash, along with mine, without compromising her dignity.

That's why I gave myself a break from "Clean Me" for Friday. Now I have to get back on the stick and take care of my own damn housework!

Behold my wake-up call

Thanks to The Chicago Tribune for this terrific photo from one of last night's opening numbers at the Diana Ross concert. While I don't especially agree with the review (her voice was deeper than I expected, but not necessarily weaker), this pic serves my purpose here perfectly.

For this is a 66 year old woman. Who has had 5 children. While not the waif-thin girl she once was, it was still sobering to realize that one of my thighs weighs more than she does.

To make the message even clearer, my friend John's 80-year-old aunt came with us. Wearing a suit, stockings and 2" heels and looking better -- head to toe -- than I do. Really. At first I hoped I could look that good when I'm 80. Then I was honest with myself and realized I wished I could look that good tomorrow. I know Aunt Marie is blessed with exceptional genes, but still. She's 80! I have no excuse.

I mentioned yesterday that Miss Ross was one of my role models growing up. Today she is one again. While I still can't work out (vein treatment) until Sunday, I can resume eating better TODAY. And I must shake the self loathing I have let permeate my personal life! It is, after all, my life. I can change it.

I know the meds I have been taking, as well as the physical maladies I have had this year, have taken their toll. But God gave ME this body and this spirit and it's up to me to rehabilitate them. He expects nothing less.

And besides, it's what Diana would do!

Baby's First Group-on

I just bought a $220 hot stone massage for $55 through! That's 90 minutes of luxury at 75% off. (It's always easier for me to enjoy luxury at a discount.)

If you're a Groupon virgin (as I was until very recently) here's an explanation from their website:
  1. Each day we feature something cool to do at an unbeatable price.
  2. You only get it if enough people join that day… so invite your friends!
  3. Check back the next day for another awesome Groupon!

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God, I love the Internet!