Sunday, March 10, 2013

A touch of writer's cramp

My federal income tax refund was direct deposited on Saturday! Here with the sequester I was expecting to have to wait forever but no, I got it in less than three weeks. I spent the afternoon today writing checks -- I made an extra mortgage payment, paid down my credit card debt and put some aside for my mom's grave marker. I have felt very bad about her being in an unmarked grave, and with this refund I won't have to wait for the whole estate/mortgage thing to be settled before I can take care of that for her.

Misty water-colored memories ...

Watching The Way We Were again. It's on TCM this afternoon. I am bowled over anew by how much I love Streisand as Katie, and how completely gorgeous Redford was. When did men start manscaping? I think it's our collective loss.