Friday, August 12, 2011

Turning in early tonight

My tummy is really giving me grief! That's one good thing -- one very good thing! -- about my upcoming surgery: when it's all over and my tall stapler-sized cyst is gone and I heal, I should start feeling a lot better!

Another Man's Gold

I haven't done any real de-cluttering today, but I have inventoried what's going to Goodwill tomorrow. In addition to a ridiculous array of belts I'll never wear, I assembled a full bag containing nothing but tschotskes and gifties and what-nots people have given me.

Just as I had to admit I'll never again fit into those belts, it's time I face it that this condo is too little to display every cute thing anyone has ever given me, and some of the pieces -- like a lovely ceramic soap dish in a metal holder, complete with scented soaps -- could actually be used and appreciated by someone else.

Plus I'll have another $40 in receipts for the tax man come the end of the year. I realize that being gutted like a fish will incur medical bills, and that will mean a more complicated tax return. It's the adult thing to do to acknowledge that now.

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 12

NEGATIVE! My CA-125 blood test is negative, or normal. In other words, YIPEE!