Saturday, May 26, 2018

Pain is exhausting

I didn't have anything on tap for today. Which is good, because before dawn this morning my kidney stone alerted me in the most unambiguous terms. Ow. OW. OW!

I know what caused it. I didn't drink constantly, as I know I must. First I dropped boxes off at Goodwill before my hair cut, and then didn't ask for any water while I was in the chair (3 hours). I gulped during a quick lunch (less than 12 oz.). But then I went about three hours at my nephew's graduation without a drink of anything. So that was six waking hours without adequate hydration. 

I took my prescription pain medication again. I hadn't since bedtime on Tuesday because I didn't feel the need. (I mean, it is an opiod and I must be careful.) It took a little longer to kick in this morning but after about five hours (two doses) I was fine. Exhausted, but fine.

Here it is, nearly 6:00 PM, and I'm now finally showered and ready for my day. What a waste!

Oh, well. At least I've learned. Water, water, water. All day, all the time. Even if it means I keep visiting the bathroom.

Tomorrow, John and I are going to the Cub game. YEA! But it will be 90ยบ. I hate heat under the best circumstances, and these are not the best circumstances. So I will bring water for the bus ride to the park. I will drink (but not beer) throughout the game. I won't let anything ruin my Memorial Day celebration within The Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field!

PS Impalace, thank you for the recommendation about calcium! I'll ask my doctor if my bloodwork showed anything. I know she's been hoping I can ... er ... um ... "retrieve a sample" in a strainer for analysis, but so far, we have had no luck.