Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tuesday 4

1. Do you have a hobby or a special interest?  Do you quilt, crochet, cook, sew, collect things, sing, play an instrument, love dolls , politics, learning, reading, biking, hiking, camping, swimming, flower arranging, watching TV? Do you love to entertain, set a beautiful table or just take a walk? Share it with us won't you?
  Why do you enjoy it? Can you tell us how you became interested or what particularly interests
you about your hobby.
Would you share some photos or pictures of your hobbies or interests or lovely things you've seen along the way?

I read. Books and magazines and blogs and newspapers and anything that falls into my hands. I prefer reading pages I can turn to a screen I can scroll. 

I like the escape of reading. It's a personal and private adventure. It's a way to learn. And, as one who spends a great deal of her life on public transportation, it provides me a little armor.

2.  Gardening is a hobby for some.
Do you garden or grow house plants?
 What do you like about it? What are your favorite plants inside or out? Pictures? We'd love to see  photos of you house or garden plants or hear about ideas you have for growing things or creating beauty with plants around the house.

I have two philodendrons -- one large and one massive. They used to be in my office but now they're dominating my den. My dream is to figure out how to drape them around the room, safe from the cats' curious paws. My model for this -- as she is for many things -- is Katharine Hepburn.

From Desk Set

3. If you could design a dream garden or park , how would you do it? What would it contain.? Maybe include a picture from the net of one you think closely fits your dream garden.

One of my favorite places is Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, AR. It's one of many vacation spots that I've visited and long to return to. It's green and lush, with a winding trail up to the top of Hot Springs Mountain and an observation deck. Plus it has its own waterfall. Which is all my way of saying that my dream park would be anchored by a waterfall.

A waterfall of natural hot spring water.

4. Do you like being outdoors? If so, what attracts you to the great outdoors and if not, what keeps you inside?
Do you walk in the rain?Are there parks near you that you like to visit?

The thing I like best about being outdoors is checking out the color of the sky. I love all the shades of blue and grey and black. There's a little park by the library that I cut through when the weather is good (and I have time).