Friday, August 29, 2014

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 29

Today's happiness -- My last early Friday. Our office closes at 12:30 on Fridays in summer. I dearly love those extra free hours. The best part will be waking up on Saturday, knowing I don't have to go to the vet for Reynaldo's prescription food because I did it Friday afternoon.

36 is a dangerous age

My cousin Rose has a theory: Men are at their most attractive in their mid-thirties. When we were 15, we thought men in their mid-thirties were the most attractive. Now that we're AARP members, we still find ourselves looking at men in their mid-thirties.

Upon further reflection, I've narrowed it down to age 36. That's when men are hottest. Here are four attractive men who were sizzling at 36.

Redford 1973
Sir Paul 1978
Brosnan 1989
Clooney 1996
The research was grueling, but my readers deserve no less.

You're welcome.

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 28

Today's happiness -- "Nothing to get hung about." I had a "Strawberry Fields" kinda day. Nothing caused me worry. The weather was fine, work was fine, everything was fine. We even had free food in the coffee room.