Friday, June 04, 2010

Clean Me

Every day I am going to do something -- no matter how small -- to improve my standard of living at home.

The Peapod driver and I made a very advantageous exchange. He left me groceries, and carried away two shopping bags filled with shopping bags.

Almost perfect

Oh, how I enjoyed this evening's 3-block walk home from the el station! 82ยบ, sun low in the sky, the scent from lilac bushes in the air. It wasn't yet 7:00 but the outdoor cafe was already filled with upbeat diners, as they all thought it was an almost perfect evening, too.

I'd been in kind of a pissy mood all afternoon. And yet, smelling the lilacs as I head home to a beer, an episode of NCIS and the Cubs vs. Houston almost redeemed the day. It's the moments, you know?

It was a wee bit too humid, but that's such a tiny quibble.

I fell off the wagon

I didn't work out, nor did I do anything to clean up my home yesterday. But I was on a 9:25 AM Amtrak down to see the client, returning in my front door at a little after 9 PM, which means I had a very long day and I was very tired and a wee bit stressed (exhilarated, too, because any time with the client is "show time!"). And if I took comfort after the meeting at their local mall, doing a little shopping and indulging in a root beer float -- they have an A&W down there! -- is it really so wrong?

It's back to good habits today, I promise.

I think I'm embarrassed

I took Amtrak to and from the client's downstate office yesterday. And I believe I snored for at approx. an hour (24 Beatle songs, according to my iPod) on the way home. My apologies to my poor seatmate.