Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My old Friends

Watching an ancient episode from the long-ago first season. As Janice would say, "Oh. My. God." Were they ever young! Matthew Perry's mugging was still funny but improbably broad. Jennifer Aniston spoke so much faster and in a higher pitched voice. I'd forgotten how adorable Matt LeBlanc was. (I'm glad that, unlike the cast, I haven't changed a bit since 1994.)

No cell phones, and the cordless phone in Monica's apartment looked like a brick with an antenna. 

I'm just sayin'

Yes, sure, the Cubs have a dismal record for the season.

BUT! (Yes, there's a "but!" Of course there is. There's always a "but" when a Cub fan talks baseball.) There's so much more to the story than just our lackluster .380 winning percentage.*

We just won four games straight and will go into the All-Star break a rejuvenated team. Samardzjia, LaHair and Rizzo are this season's unexpected new heroes. Castro and Barney are maturing nicely.

You watch: The 2012 season will be remembered as The Turning Point. It will get better from here.

Go, Cubs, Go!

*NOT the worst in the league, thankyouverymuch. The Rockies are just as bad.

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

We're in the middle of a heatwave. It's been between 90º and 100º every day for a week. It's unpleasant.

Partly because I don't do heat. Heat and I are not friends. I suffer in hot weather. I don't know how to say it more plainly.

So, to compensate, I always have the air conditioning on. And then I get cold. So I turn it down or off. And then I'm sweltering again. Over and over and over.

At work the air conditioning is on so ferociously that I have the heater blowing hot air on my sandaled feet.

At the health club, it was too warm and I felt positively saintly for logging 25 minutes on the treadmill.

In winter, when it's freezing, there's a camaraderie among Chicagoans. "Can you believe this?" we ask one another on the slushy streets or as we try to sit, side by side, on the el, even though our downcoats make it difficult.

In summer, we simply growl at one another.

At work, everyone appears either grumpy or washed out.

I'm going home now for my Wednesday off. It's supposed to be 99º tomorrow. My one gal's simple dream is to not speak to anyone, recharge my battery with lots of alone time, and feel better for my return to work on Thursday.

In tribute to my TV DAD

I always wanted Andy Taylor to be my dad. This clip demonstrates why.

I believe Andy Griffith was a most talented gentleman and I most sincerely hope he rests in peace.

Good news!

My best friend's dad, who lives near Colorado Springs, got word that he can return to his home. Which means it's not only still standing but inhabitable. No word on the extent of the smoke and grit damage.

I also haven't heard how it was within the family dynamics. Dad had been staying with the oldest of his daughters -- she who doesn't like anyone to mention her prodigious alcohol consumption.

Oh well, Dad is home. That's the important thing.