Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday Stealing

Ned the Duck

A - Annoyance: People who don't break down their boxes before putting them in the recycle bin. When it's full up, unit owners start putting their recyclables in the garbage bin and that's not good. (I spend entirely too much time thinking about this.)

B - Bestest Friend[s]: I've known my best friend since Kindergarten. We Beatle bonded. She loves George, and I am forever a Paul Girl.

C - Car: I don't have one.

D - Day or night: You are the one. Only you 'neath the moon or under the sun. (Yes, I know it's and. But it's always nice to work Sinatra into a meme.)

E- Easiest person to talk to?: My best friend.

F - Favorite Month:
November. My birthday month!

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: No gummies for this gal. I literally lost a filling in a fiber gummy. 

H - Hair Color: Light brown with streaks of gray at the temple and the part. I wish I was grayer. Then I wouldn't have to get highlights anymore.

I - Ice Cream: Lately I've been enjoying Neapolitan.

J - Jewelry: I quit wearing my rings during covid because I didn't want to get hand sanitizer all over them.

K - Kindergarten:
I remember sitting on the floor around the piano, watching my teacher play. And one of my classmates (Gail) used to cry every day because she missed her mom.

L - Longest Car Ride:
Chicago to Fort Lauderdale with my Cousin Rose and her friend, Natalie. 20 hours over three days.

M - Most missed person:
I miss my friend John. He has health problems and is keeping to himself. I respect his privacy so I'm giving his space and besides, he's afraid I will nag and harangue him to take better care of himself. (And I would.)

N - Number of Siblings: Two

O - One regret: That I don't like my sisters.

P- Part of your appearance you like least?:
I photograph so fat! (Because I am fat.)

Q- Quote:
"Art is art, isn't it? On the other hand, east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like prunes they taste more like prunes than rhubarb does." Groucho Marx

R - Reality TV Show:
My bad-tv guilty pleasure is Autopsy: The Last Hours of ... on the Reelz channel.

S - Shoe:
I wear them two at a time. (Sorry, I was channelling Bud there for a moment.) I just had a pedi yesterday, so I've dusted off my Birkenstock sandals to show it off.

T - Time you woke up: I woke up at no particular reason at about 4:00 AM and then rolled over and went back to sleep until 8:00.

U - Unpredictable?:
I don't think so.

V - Vegetable you hate:
Uncooked tomatoes

W- Worst Habits: I'm sharp tongued

X - X-Rays:
My dentist just took a mouthful in April

Y - Year you were born:

Z - Zoom:
Has become a generic term, like Kleenex. I say Zoom whether I mean Webex,  Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom.