Friday, May 03, 2024

Saturday 9

 Saturday 9: Rocket Man (1972)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) In this song, Elton John tells us he's taking off for outerspace at 9:00 AM. What will you be doing at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning? I'm doing this Friday night, so I predict that at 9:00 Saturday morning I'll still be in my pjs, catching up with other Sat 9-ers, tending my Farmville crops, and reassuring the cats that I have not forgotten them and will, indeed, get their breakfast.
These two want breakfast
2) He sings that even though he uses it for his astronaut job, he doesn't understand science. Was science one of your better classes in school? No. BTW, I was right in thinking I wouldn't need it as an adult. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so pathetic at math, but science? Never.
3) Lyricist Bernie Taupin recalls writing the first verse of "Rocket Man" while stuck in traffic as he tried to make his way to his parents' home. Have you recently been stuck in traffic? If yes, where were you headed? March 2023, when I was eager to get to the veterinary hospital to pick up my Connie Cat, who'd had surgery. It took well over an hour to go 13 miles. The Uber driver inadvisedly took the Eisenhower Expressway and we were trapped in a caravan amid big rigs. I had to call the hospital and ask them to stay open so I could get my girl. A different driver took us home, and I asked him to avoid the expressway. He was like, "Duh! Of course. Who wouldn't on a Friday?" Apparently on the way over I got the only rideshare driver who didn't know that.

4) Thinking of cars ... Nigel Olsson, who plays drums and sings back-up on "Rocket Man," is a self-proclaimed "race car fanatic." What hobby are you passionate about? Go, Cubs, Go!

5) Davey Johnstone, who plays guitar on "Rocket Man," recently posted on Facebook that he was thrilled to meet Joni Mitchell. Are you on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? Tik Tok? Facebook for friends and Twitter to talk baseball (but only baseball; the deplorables behave especially deplorably on Twitter). I've got Instagram and Pinterest, but I seldom use them. My oldest friend is trying to get me on Tumblr, but I don't see the point.

6) Elton John once played charades with Bob Dylan. But only once. Elton laughingly says he can't get over how "hopeless" Dylan was at the game. What's the last game you played? Did you win? I have been on fire playing canasta on Pogo.

7) In 1972, when this song was popular, Winnie the Pooh was on the cover the Sears Christmas Wish Book. That year, kids asked Santa for plush Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore. Did you have many plush toys as a child? If yes, do you still have any of them? I still have my Lassie dog.
8) Also in 1972, TV cowboy Dan Blocker died. He played the middle brother, "Hoss," on Bonanza. Do you enjoy watching westerns? I used to love them, and always stop to watch when I happen upon one.

9) Random question: What inspires you? Doing good, or putting my faith on its feet.