Thursday, April 04, 2024

You know, I don't know

Before yesterday, I had three laser treatments on my left heel. My chiropractors explained that the effects are cumulative, not instant, so each day I expected that twinge to lessen a bit. 

Imagine my thrill when I woke up this morning and my heel felt just fine. No pain at all!

Then I remembered: I'm full of codeine. Yesterday I had a double crown lengthening. I've had this procedure before, but never two teeth at once. I don't want to know how much pain I'd be in without the medication. I'm no hero.

I'm going to try to get in Tuesday afternoon for one last laser zap before my chiropractor goes to Europe (la-de-dah!) and I'm off to the TCM Classic Film Festival. (I'll really need my feet as I race from theater to theater!) Hopefully by then I'll have the opioids out of my system. Gotta remember in the meantime to ice my heel, even though it doesn't hurt just now.

Because the truth is: I have no idea if my heel is improving. None whatsoever.


Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash