Monday, July 06, 2015

Dreaming of the vaunted Walla Walla-Kalamazoo corridor

This corny bit of Americana heralded the start of  each WGN radio Cubs broadcast of my girlhood, and explains why every time we heard from my cousins in Kalmazoo, I wished we had people in Walla Walla, too.

This song has been on my mind all day because the Cubs are starting two very important series. Tonight we take on the Cardinals -- a team that's been scary good so far this year, and are historically our #1 rivals. After the Cards leave town, the White Sox stop by. My feelings about the Sox are a bit more complicated. I don't actually care about them, and since it's interleague play those games won't have much impact on the standings. It's just Sox fans are so hostile to Cubs fans and our Wrigley Way of Life that I'd really like to see my heroes in pinstripes kick ass.

I'm told there are people who don't love baseball. I'm sad for them. For I wonder if they know the joy that comes when you "cheer ... and boo ... and raise a hullbaloo."