Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursday Thirteen #125


1939 – Lilybet's father, King George (he of The King’s Speech)

visits the United States for the first time as monarch

1950 – Coca Cola begins its world dominance

1955 – American women discover wash’n’wear clothes

made of exotic polyester fabrics like Dacron and Orlon

1963 – Astronauts like Gordon Cooper are our heroes

1967 – Johnny Carson is the undisputed King of Late Night

1972 – Like JFK and LBJ before him, Richard Nixon

finds himself wrestling with Viet Nam

1977 – Baryshnikov takes off

1981 – Billy Martin and his fractious Oakland A’s dominate baseball

1987 – A politician finds himself enmeshed with a woman not his wife.

Imagine that!

1994 – We pause to pay tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

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I Want Wednesday

I want my holiday weekend to get started already. Why is it the short work weeks feel the longest?

Confessions of the Formerly Fit

I used to be a size 6. For almost 15 years I lived at the gym.I was limber and strong and my legs were great. How I wish I had enjoyed body more back in those days! Back then all I saw were the flaws.

That was 75 lbs. and 13 years ago. Now I'm at the gym twice a week (though I mean to hit it three times or more). I'm easier on myself ... and others.

Lately I've seen two women in my row in the locker room who are enormous. Like Gabourey Sidibe big. Back in the day I would have seen them changing either for or from their work outs and been appalled. How did they get that way? Don't they disgust themselves?

Today I see them as courageous. How daunting it must be to know how hard it will be to work out, how quickly they will become tired and winded, how long it will be until they see any results. And yet there they are. Good for them! In their way, they are heroines.

I also like myself better now. Even if my thighs are dimpled, I'm a nicer woman.