Saturday, September 05, 2015

September Challenge -- Day 5

The last doctor's appoint I made was for ... 

My annual physical. Unfortunately I had to cancel it because of jury duty and I never got around to rescheduling it because of The Big Project.

But I must reschedule it next week because, well, this old gray mare just ain't what she used to be. I tire so easily. I'm so much more short-tempered than I should be. I think a lot of this is that I don't get the exercise I need. But it could be something more, either something more serious or (hopefully) something very easily treated. I'd like to get my quality of life back.

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I miss the sumbitch

I used to love the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. The plate spinners, the ventriloquists, the lounge singers performing "Guantanamera" ... it was a smorgasbord of tacky and I adored it. Especially Jerry himself.

I was hypnotized by the greasy hair, the tux and pinky ring. Jerry mugged and wept and insulted people. (I remember the year I heard him call a cameraman a "fag" and wondered if anyone else caught it.) He laughed at his own gauche hilarity. And he sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" to kids who will never walk at all.

Oh, and the crazy bastard raised more than $2 billion. He deserves more credit for that than he gets. He's nearly 90 now and has suffered a litany of health problems himself. Wherever he is this weekend, God bless him.

Time flies

I can't believe it's 6:30 already! Where has the day gone?

I slept in. I wasn't ready to start moving until after noon, which means I was unable to drop off those groceries at the food pantry. (It's only open till noon.) Then I wandered over to Flat Top Grill, where I haven't eaten since there was still snow on the ground. It seemed like a nice way to spoil myself this Labor Day weekend.

I got so wrapped up in my book (Calico Joe, a gift from my aunt) and my lunch and my drink (Rumcata Colada) that I lost track of time. Got home and watched the middle/last innings of the Cubs-Diamondback game (our ace, Jake Arrieta, was on the mound). Then I took a nap and here we are.

It was a nice day, I guess, but there are so many things I wanted to/needed to get done. There's someone using the washers downstairs so I can't do laundry. Maybe I can attack the paperwork in the dining room (on the floor, to protect it from Reynaldo; I've discovered he only attacks papers on the table).