Thursday, July 16, 2020

Blunt force truth right here

I first became familiar with Chuck Woolery when my kid sister was very young. He played wacky mailman Mr. Dingle on The New Zoo Revue, one of her favorite early-morning shows. He is better-known as the host of the dating show, The Love Connection. Today he is an outspoken proponent of conservative politics. It's amusing that the people who holler the loudest about celebrities involving themselves in current affairs are the ones who voted for a reality show host who feels very comfortable quoting Chuck Woolery.

First Mr. Woolery declared himself "sick" of all the lies about Covid 19. Then he had to share that his son is literally sick, with Covid 19.

Mr. Woolery then deleted his Twitter account.

"Blunt Force Truth" is Chuck Woolery's brand. Sadly, he just got smacked with blunt force truth about the pandemic.

•  Stay home as much as you can
•  Wear a mask when you go out
•  Wash your hands often
•  If you come down with the corona virus and your doctor prescribes Remdesivir, take it

If you don't believe me, or Dr. Fauci, or the CDC, ask your own doctor. A real person who is more to you than just a screen name. The internet is delightful and good for many things -- hell, I'm on it right now -- but it can be a cesspool of misinformation. If you are skeptical about anything you read about the corona virus, ask your own doctor.

Stay safe. Save lives. Wear a mask.