Thursday, October 17, 2019

October Challenge -- Day 17

I'm joining Ms. Kwiz for her October blogging challenge.

Day 17: Pet peeves. I have two big ones.

1) Space hogs. We all share this planet. Please respect that and don't take up more space than you must. For example, this girl is taking up a seat for her bags, while the man in the yellow shirt has to stand. She sucks. I have ridden the el many times with parcels under the seat, protected by my legs, so someone can squeeze into the seat next to me.

BTW, it's not only rude, it's theft. If you didn't pay for two seats, you don't get two seats.

2) Noise polluters. Now that we have open seating -- which means no offices -- it makes me CUH-RAZY when anyone listens to music or videos without headphones. People do it on the train all the time now, too. What makes you think we're all interested in what you're listening to?

Oh yeah, and there's the woman hear who sneezes really loud and in a very loud pitch. She thinks it's adorable. Sometimes I fantasize about strangling her.

My, but this has left me feeling anxious. Can we go back to Day 5, when we gazed upon hot men?