Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tuesday 4

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

1. Have you built snowmen, women or even entire families of snow people like little sister Tootie did in Meet Me in St. Louis? Did you use a carrot for the nose? Tell us all about how it. We had a big backyard to play in during our long Chicago winters, so I'm sure we built snowmen. I only specifically recall one, though. We gave him a gray scarf. His eyes were lumps of coal and his nose was a potato that had seen better days.

2. Are you hoping for snowmen to melt soon in hotter weather? Tell us about your favorite time of year and please let us know why you love it. List some ingredient of that season that make it special for you. I enjoy living where we have four distinct seasons, and there are things to appreciate in each one. But I am eager for April because I want baseball to start. I miss my Cubs!

Soon, Rizzo will be thrilling me again every day

3. Remember bundling up as a child? It took so long to do then you had to go potty and all those layers had to come off again! Is dressing up something you enjoy doing? Why? In this way, I'm like a toddler. I don't mind being dressed in layers. I just hate the process of putting the layers on and taking them off.

4. In Frozen, the little girl desperately wants to reconnect with her sister and reminds her of the
Not us, but it could be
happy times of building snowmen.  Are you disconnected from anyone you'd love to reunite with?
What happy times with friends and siblings brings you fond memories and smiles to you? I miss my oldest friend all the time, but these questions have piqued particular longing. We've been friends since Kindergarten, and her dad used to take us sledding and then for hot chocolate. Those sunny winter Sundays are among my most cherished girlhood memories. Alas, she moved to Southern California about 8 years ago, and distance and circumstances make it hard for us to remain as close as I'd like.