Thursday, April 09, 2009

Who do these two think they are?

Whenever I am in danger of feeling sorry for George and Cindy Anthony, they turn out to be haughty, elitist liars. They have been subpoenaed, and today were compelled to answer questions under oath in the suit Zenaida Gonzalez filed against their daughter, the infamous "Tot Mom" Casey Anthony.

They were hostile and controlling from Square One. Clearly they don't feel that the laws apply to them, and they shouldn't have to answer questions that are difficult, embarrassing or painful for them. As opposed to all the people who are deposed in cases every day? Who have to participate in legal procedings regarding the consequences other people's actions? No one wants to go court, but every day people have to. What makes the Anthonys better?

I understand that they have lost their grandchild. I sympathize with the anguish not only of losing that adorable little girl, but their anonymity and life as they knew it a year ago.

But instead of blaming the one who put them in this position, their daughter, they blame every one else in the world. They perjured themselves today, with statements different than those they made to the police. I need a Silkwood Shower after seeing this.