Monday, July 26, 2010

He's not evil. He's just ... Reynaldo.

Yes, his bad behavior has been documented more than once on this blog. Yes, I suspect that he is the inspiration for those Allstate Mayhem commercials. And yet, I can't emphasize enough that my Rey-Rey is not a bad cat.

My 10-year-old nephew and I have discussed this at length and conclude that since he doesn't mean to be bad, he's not bad. We are convinced he doesn't think he's bad because he doesn't think, he just does.

And he's very affectionate, which makes him easier to endure when he's in active mode.

Movie Monday

This week's movie topic is all about Animation...
Share movies whose drawn, digitized or old school clay figures rock your world, linking back here at the Bumbles.

I never was a big fan of animated films when I was growing up. I preferred Mary Poppins and Thomasina to Bambi or Snow White.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself captivated by Beauty and the Beast. My niece was obsessed with Belle and made me watch it. I, too, thought Belle was a fabulous role model for little girls. Then there's Lumiere. As a big Law & Order fan, I found it amazing that my Lennie had been a legendary Broadway star, and here's one of his musical performances (Lumiere) preserved on film.

And last, I'm a sucker for a love story. And this is a lovely one. "Both a little scare
d, neither one prepared … ever just the same, ever a surprise …" See? I'm getting verklempt just thinking about it.

Clean Me

After I cleaned the mess a certain skinny cat made in my sandals (AARGH!), I went around and touched-up ALL the spots on the living room/hallway/bedroom carpets that had met with hairballs. I mean, after all, I had the paper towels and Woolite Rug Cleaner in my hand already, so why not?

Because I didn't feel like doing it. Sunday was the third game in the Cubs/Cards series (we came thisclose to a sweep!) and the premiere of Mad Men and my own tummy wasn't feeling so great. I had to make myself do this.

There are people who are neat by nature, and then there's me.