Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Thursday Thirteen #252


The 13 "Guilty Pleasures" edition. There are things I love that are not especially good for me, or that I'm embarrassed to enjoy as much as I do. They include:

1. Coca Cola

2. Pringles Potato Chips

3. Reading about The Royals

4. Saved by the Bell (I have no idea why I find this awful show imminently watchable)

5. The movie Valley of the Dolls (I love every wretched frame)

6. Ice cream sandwiches

7. Elvis movies

8. Helen Reddy songs

9. True crime

10. Office supplies (especially erasers and binder clips)

11. Long showers

12. Spite reading. In 2012/13, my oldest friend once dated (literally once) but continued to flirt online with a really toxic guy. Nine years later, I still check his Twitter feed regularly so I can get the satisfaction of saying, "What a putz."

13. Cold, leftover pizza for breakfast.

How about you? What are your guilty pleasures?

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