Thursday, May 20, 2021

I'm free!

It's hard for me to write about what I know nothing about. For the last two weeks, I've been working non-stop on a complicated project -- brochure, magazine ads, digital ads -- designed to encourage entrepreneurs to buy a car care franchise. I have no interest in cars. I have never wanted to be in business for myself. I have little experience with digital ads. (Emails and blog posts? I'm your gal! But not digital ads. That kind of writing is a craft that requires skills I don't have.)

I have been miserable. I was "loaned" to this account. The team that usually works on it was busy elsewhere, and I was "up." But I work for a company with offices in New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Los Angeles. I can't be the best-qualified writer we have to work on this project! It's not only been harder for me than it would for another writer, I don't believe I was giving the client their money's worth.

The project was supposed to be done this week. For reasons too tiresome to explain, it's fallen off schedule. This morning (Thursday) I was supposed to get another round of revisions. It's likely I would have to work (again) this weekend.

Guess what! My financial services client came through with a project! I am contractually obligated to work for them so I found out at 8:43 this morning that I was off the car care project. 

I'm free!

I should feel sorry for the new writer/art director team that's been put on the car care project -- a team that will have a devil of a time getting up to speed and meeting the deadline -- but I'm too fucking giddy just now.

This new project, for my client, will also have a digital component. But I'll be working with my boss, Aaron. He wants us to have a collaborative work session on Monday afternoon, where he'll look over my ideas and help me adapt them. Then next Wednesday, we'll show the account team and get their feedback. THEN we'll have three or four days to make the work as good as it can be before we present it.

Imagine that! The time, the resources and the freedom to actually do a good job! During a 40-hour workweek, too!