Thursday, November 19, 2015

What is it about this time of year?

I have one of these in my closet
Last year, as I was preparing to go to Vegas to celebrate my birthday, Joey was sick and my
bedframe broke.

This year, as I prepare to go to Vegas to celebrate my birthday, I have to get my thermostat/zone valve* fixed. Oh yeah, and I got an email from American Airlines telling me to make sure I give it two hours to get through security tomorrow. Obviously because of Paris/ISIS. I always give it two hours anyway, but it makes me nauseous with fear to think about the reason.

*Whatever the fuck that is

Happy Birthday to Me, Part 1

Packages for me! Packages for me! My birthday is coming, and the USPS delivered gifties from Florida.

My aunt/Godmother sent me a big box of tea. She does this every year, and I appreciate it. I love her thoughtfulness, I love that I get to try fragrances and flavors I wouldn't otherwise, and I love that the ones I don't like (the heavy, dark blends) will brighten someone's day at the food pantry. She also threw in some catnip toys and balls for her "Godkitties."

My cousin Rose sent me the 2016 NCIS calendar. This makes me smile because, unbeknownst to her, I got her an NCIS mug for Christmas! It also pleased me because NCIS is what we bond over. So little makes her happy ... at least when we're together ... that it makes me happy that we have this.

I feel very loved, even though it's from a distance.


On Wednesday, Jake Arrieta was named the very best pitcher in the National League.

First Kris Bryant won Rookie of the Year, then Joe Maddon won Manager of the Year, and now Jake. That's a sweep of all the major MLB awards.

I always love the Cubs. Happy to see the rest of the country is leaping onto the bandwagon and praising a young team that was so unexpectedly good, clicked so well, and had such charisma.