Friday, January 03, 2014

3 days

That's how long it's been snowing off and on. I don't know how much has fallen, but it's a lot. Yet it's not an epic storm, like 2011's SNOtoriousBIG. No schools have closed, no drivers have been stranded on Lake Shore Drive. Just lots and lots of the white stuff. Enough snow and cold to make me grateful for the city's network of pedways and my own stocked larder.*

In short, it's winter in Chicagoland.

At least it's gotten people off of Obamacare and that ignorant douchebag from Duck Dynasty. Sometimes I think Mother Nature just does stuff to make us recalibrate when we get too far away from what really matters.

*So I don't need to venture out into the elements for the essentials (Coke, cat litter and Bailey's Irish Cream).