Friday, November 06, 2020

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: For All We Know (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about newlyweds looking ahead to a happy life together. What are you looking forward to today? I hope to Zoom with a friend this weekend. Her birthday was November 1, but she was knocked out by a sinus infection (not Covid, thank goodness!) so we didn't talk on the actual day.

2) They look forward to getting to know one another better. Tell us about someone who knows you well. Is it the person who has known you the longest? The friend who knows me best has not known me the longest. We met in Kindergarten, but my aunt, my cousin and my older sister all knew me from birth. But my oldest friend knows me better than they do, and she and I share more (and far funnier) memories.

3) The song lyrics are credited to "Robb Wilson" and "Arthur James," but those aren't their real names. Robb Royer and Jimmy Griffin were founding members of the 70s soft-rock group Bread. Are you familiar with that band? If so, do you have a favorite Bread song?  "Make It with You." I know they all sound corny now, but I was very young when Bread was popular, and their songs represent how a very young girl imagines romance.

4) Richard Carpenter discovered this song on his afternoon off when he and sister Karen were on tour. He took a few hours to unwind at  the movies, heard this song in the film Lovers and Other Strangers, and decided it would make a perfect Carpenters record. How do you like to unwind? Fart around online, lose myself in a book, watch a movie ...

5) Karen Carpenter drank unsweetened iced tea, every day, all year long. Do you prefer your tea hot or cold? Hot. I don't like iced tea.

6) Elvis was a fan of Karen's and, according to the recollection of singer Petula Clark, hit on her when she and Clark visited him backstage in Vegas. Pet recalled Karen was very innocent and said, "I felt responsible for her so I got her out of there." Tell us about a time when you looked out for a friend. First of all, would it be so bad for Karen to have had a magic moment with The King to look back on? 

Now, on to the question at hand: I try to look out for all my friends, all the time. This week, I advised a coworker to let our new boss know about her current health scare. Since we're all still working from home, it's easier for her to keep this to herself. BUT she's distracted and not on her game. Our new boss doesn't really know her yet. You can't undo bad (or mistaken) early impressions. Plus, it is his business because he is responsible for getting her help with her projects, and maintaining the quality of the work we deliver to our clients. Since it's her breast, though, she's embarrassed. Which is silly. I am happy to report she took my advice. YEA! She felt better because he was compassionate and supportive.

7) President Richard Nixon was a Carpenters fan, too, and invited the duo to perform at the White House at an official dinner for West German Chancellor Willy Brandt. If you could hear anyone perform live in an intimate setting, like a dinner party, who would you choose? Sir Paul. I love his song intros (even though I think I've heard them all by now) and would love being in a small room, listening to him tell his stories.


8) Today Richard collects classic automobiles. He has a 1964 Ford Thunderbird, like the one Beach Boys sang about in the song "Fun, Fun, Fun." Can you think of another song that mentions a car? James Dean in his Mercury 49 ... Burt Reynolds in his TransAm ... and of course a long, dark, shiny and black Cadillac are all here:

9) Random question: Do you tend to feel more content at the beginning of the day, or at the end? It depends on the day.