Friday, December 18, 2015

Continuing my love affair ...

... with the past, I hung a grapevine wreath. It lends a nice, old-fashioned rustic touch to my front door, and (bonus!) drops no needles.

As a hanger I'm using a shoelace covered with pawprints. Next year I've got to remember to add a red ribbon. Or maybe gingham.

And I'm just sitting here

11:00 AM. My first day off, and I haven't moved from the sofa. Not even to bathe.

I feel alternately disgusted by my laziness and thrilled that I'm literally surrounded by cats (Joey on my left, purring and keeping my feet warm, Connie curled up like a fur shrimp on my right, and Reynaldo dozing on the back of the sofa, behind my head).

Much as I hate to disturb my feline roommates, I've got to get up sometime ...

Day 18: I'm greedy

December 18: When do you open gifts?
The moment I receive them. Because it isn't physically possible to do it any sooner.

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