Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Happy 4th of July

The Right Words at The Right Time

One of the most valuable things I ever learned at church is that God sends word to us in the way we're most open to hearing it. I've received valuable lessons from the most unlikely pop-culture messengers ... from Lenny Bruce to Paul Harvey to Rob Lowe.

Add the sitcom Mom to list.

It's a show I don't usually watch because the characters don't seem to like one another very much. And since I didn't watch from the beginning, I'm not sure about all the relationships. But it's on in syndication so it's aired a lot these days, and the other night I came upon it when I couldn't sleep.

The main character, Christy, is having a very bad day. At home, at work, in traffic, everywhere. At her AA meeting, she begins venting to Marjorie, who says to her: "If you run into jerks all day, you're the jerk."

Oh my God! That's so me!

I've been annoyed with everyone and everything for the last two or three weeks.

A lot of it is the weather. The heat is making everyone a little edgy, a bit more unpleasant. And I'm on a rather constant diet of NSAIDs for my kidney stone, and meds can wreak havoc on one's outlook.

But most of it is me. I'm not happy with my life right now -- my home is such a mess and I feel lazy and helpless about the state of the nation. And so I'm projecting that on everyone else.

I should have this tattooed on my fat ass. No, make it my thigh. So I can see it.

I'm getting used to it

At first I was embarrassed when I requested the AARP/Walgreens discount. The first Tuesday of each month is Seniors Day. 20% off non-sale items or AARP members who have a Walgreens Balance Rewards Card.

I've gotten over it.

This month I saved on Gerber baby food (Connie's favorite), Slim Fast milk chocolate shakes (my favorite), fiber gummies and bottled water.* The girl at the counter teased that I didn't look old enough for the 20% and I thanked her, but I mean, look what I was buying! That's hardly the shopping list of a 22 year old.

I saved over $6.00 on that one trip. If I'd planned better, I could have saved even more. Walgreens also sells light bulbs and batteries. But I hadn't thought of that until I was halfway home.

Do better next month, old girl!

*The Kraft Mac and Cheese for my local food pantry was already on sale.