Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thursday Thirteen #194


These are the outfits Target is having a hard time keeping on the shelves this year.

1. Transformers. Especially Optimus Primus. (I have no idea what Optimus Primus is, but it's very popular!)

2. Sesame Street. Everyone from Big Bird to Elmo.

3. Scooby Doo.

4. Captain Jack Sparrow. 

5. Darth Vader. Still! After all these decades.

6. Snow White. Still! After all these decades.

7. Spider Man.

8. Sock Monkey.

9. Captain America.

10. Batman.

11. Police Officer.

12. "Sue" from Glee. You know, a track suit

13. The Green Lantern.


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I Want Wednesday

I want to know he's OK. My best friend, that is. Unless I send up a smoke signal, telling him I'm upset, I hear nothing from him. I worry that he is getting depressed as his joblessness lurches into its fourth month. I hope he's getting the support he needs. He can't get it from me if he doesn't engage.



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• What are you currently reading? Bone Bed, the latest in the Scarpetta Series, by Patricia Cornwell. The story is moving along at a fast clip and it's always nice to spend time with Kay. Fortunately, at about halfway through, I can reassure everyone that this one isn't too disturbingly gruesome, as some of Kay Scarpetta's cases have been. It's also nice to see Cornwell dealing with Kay as she ages. Our heroine has some believable moments where she worries about how men view her now that she's no longer young, and then she chastises herself for her own superficiality. It's nice to see a human side of the uber accomplished Kay.

• What did you recently finish reading? Another mystery, The Spellmans Strike Again. It was funny, as all in the Spellman series are, but this one had a lot of heart, as well. Rae, with her quirky doggedness and her passion for justice, is quickly becoming my favorite Spellman.

• What do you think you’ll read next? Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos. This looks promising, chick lit of the highest order. Three lives of three very different women -- a perfect housewife, a working mother and a recent transplant from Manhattan -- collide in a suburb and "become entangled in a web of trust, betrayal, love and loss."