Monday, March 25, 2019

"I called because I wanted to hear your voice"

So said Henry, who checked in with me this evening. It was nice to feel like us again. I miss hearing from him, even as I haven't been able to deal with the drama that has accompanied dealing with Henry and Reg lately.

With The Big Project in the rear view mirror (see post below), I was able to devote the energy and attention a conversation with him deserves. We talked movies, The Royal Family and my friend Kathleen's trip to Puerto Rico. When he tried to talk again about the accident, I pivoted. That's what I'm going to have to do from now on, pivot on the head of a pin, every time we come near that subject.

I'm in this with my friend. For the duration. It's only been six months and while it feels like a long time, it's really not. And if I'm going to continue to be there for him, I have to remember to guard my heart and my resources a bit.

Hey, look me over!

Today was our big client presentation. And guess who rocked it: ME! I held the room for an hour -- presenting creative, taking questions, looping my art director into the conversation.  My boss was there, but he introduced me, and thanked the client at the end. This was my show. And I did a good job.

Our main client contact, Sheila, and I have always clicked. Today was no different. She trusts me, enjoys my enthusiasm, appreciates my research. So it helped to keep eye contact with her. The man next to her was her boss. Gulp! I didn't know that. He was so casual, so low key, I had no idea he was so consequential to the process. In retrospect, I'm glad. I might have been more nervous and less natural if I'd understood that.

This was the culmination of three weeks of work. I'm proud of it. I deserve this victory lap. And it was important for my team, too. We showed that, when given time and budget, we can do work that's as creative as the competition -- and, perhaps, more efficient for our client economically.

It would have been nice if my boss had thanked or praised me, but that's not who he is. I'll just have to be grateful for the kind words from Sheila.

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