Friday, May 15, 2009

You and me, both, Sister!

This little girl expresses my mood perfectly. It's been raining so hard all day that the Cubs-Astros game was postponed. I really was looking forward to the distraction and diversion my team would have provided.

I didn't get to work out today, which leaves me grumpy because the world feels just feels a bit more right after I exercise.

I guess it's possible that I'm suffering from a touch of PBD, too.*

Oh well, I'll be leaving work soon. Maybe I can shake this ornery mood on the way home.

* Post-Boss Depression = the inevitable letdown that comes after having the E-Street Band rock you and enthrall you for more than three hours.

Why I don't watch ANTM

I realize a lot of people are hooked on this show. I am not among them. For I simply don't have the bandwidth! Not when I'm so devoted to American Idol, the Cubs and Grey's Anatomy. (Still reeling over last night's season finale!)