Sunday, September 01, 2019

That's what I want

I had a glorious time at the TCM Film Festival in April. From the moment I got home, I dreamed of going again in April 2020.

I can't.

For, since April, I've been hit with the following unanticipated expenses:

•  New refrigerator
•  Tooth removal; between $600-$800 copay
•  My a/c is on the fritz; I'm trying to have it repaired, but if that doesn't work out, that's another new appliance
•  My niece is engaged and getting married in Michigan in October 2020; new clothes, transportation, gift, hotel, etc. (Though I have about $250 earmarked for that. Not enough, but a start.)

On top of this,* I know that I'll be expected to pay my portion of the new roof, which will run between $2000 and $3000. And I really, REALLY have to seriously look at replacing my living room windows.

The dates and theme for the Film Festival were just announced. I am bereft. But, at this stage in my life, I know that to just plop it on my credit card would be foolish.

I have to make the adult choice. I have to stay home.

I do not like being an adult.

*"On top of this," and it's the roof! I made a pun!