Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ah ... spa ...

The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg is what drew me to this vacation destination in the first place. While not as luxurious or extensive as last year's spa, Chateau Elan, it's also not as expensive. My first day included a colonial sweet bath, where I soaked for half an hour, alone in a darkened room, in a tub filled with herbs, flowers and lemon. It smelled divine.

Then I had a facial and a 60-minute Swedish massage. Susan, the masseuse, was very good. She explained what she was doing, and checked to make sure I was comfortable and that she was using the right amount of pressure, but she wasn't as unremittingly blabby as the aesthetician who did my facial.

The second day highlighted my aching feet. Going suddenly from tennies and flats to sandals, and then doing a ton of walking in the 90ยบ heat, left me weary. So the soak in the whirlpool, a really terrific hot stone massage (Susan again, who paid special attention to my aching arches), and a lovely pedi were just what the doctor ordered. No champagne was served with my pedi, as Chateau Elan always did, but the service was still very good. My spring/summer nail color is shimmery coral.

While it wasn't possible to stay in the same building as the spa, the way I did at Chateau Elan, it was just across the street and very convenient. The robes weren't as nice and snuggly, but the pool and fitness center equipment at this spa were as good or maybe even a nicer. There was something especially wonderful about celebrating a day of sight-seeing in the heat by swimming laps in a clean, cool pool -- with one lane wisely reserved for adult swim only.

So no, the Spa at Colonial Williamsburg isn't as deliciously indulgent as Chateau Elan. But it was also about $1000 cheaper, which meant I could enjoy the pampering without worrying about whether I could afford it. And for my 2010 vacation, that's very important.