Thursday, August 31, 2023

Me and Roger

Just had my meet'n'greet with Roger, the new minister. I feel good about it.

Our lead minister left, and not by choice, back in 2021. There was a ton of drama attendant to it. Church employees felt misunderstood, overworked and underpaid. There was undoubtedly fiscal mismanagement (though it was inadvertent and not criminal). Some parishioners felt ignored. Others, on the other hand, considered him their spiritual leader, cared about him deeply, and were sad to see him go.

Our interim minister didn't stay in her lane. She tried to make changes when change wasn't what we needed. We needed placidity. 

So our congregation has been a mess for nearly two years.

I don't go to church for drama. I don't even go for community. I go to church because I want to feel closer to God. I want to put my faith on its feet and do good in the world. It's hard to do that when we're surrounded by upset and upheaval.

I liked what Roger had to say this evening. I appreciated how chill his manner was. He laid out his vision for the congregation. He was straightforward about the fiscal hole we're in but promised to keep the lines of communication open. I hope he will be motivating to me spiritually.

But I'll be grateful if I can just feel a sense of sanctuary within my church again. I think Roger will provide that.

Photo by Stephen Radford on Unsplash

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 31

My 2023 happiness icon

Today's Happiness: "Love you, Gal."

I ended up on the phone with Reg. The first time in more than 9 months. He stopped communicating with me directly and was just all-around pissy and self-centered. He was also furious that I didn't come to Key West for Christmas. I wanted to but I had been misled about Henry's hospitalization. Here's the post about that painful blow up.

Anyway, Henry called me tonight and impulsively handed the phone to Reg. He started chatting with me amiably, as though we talk all the time and nothing bad has happened. He ended with, "Love you, Gal."

I don't know how healthy any of this is. I don't know that I can honestly say I love him. But I am glad the big freeze between us has thawed. I do love Henry as much as ever, and knowing I can speak directly to Reg if something goes wrong comforts me. Peace is lovely.