Tuesday, June 30, 2020

In honor of Ernie, Mr. Cub!

This week, four Presidents honored the Centennial of the Negro Leagues by "tipping their caps." I don't begrudge Obama the White Sox cap he wore because, well, we've all known he's a legit Sox fan. Naturally Bush wore a Texas Rangers cap because, well, hell, he was an owner. What other cap would Jimmy Carter, Pride of Plains, Georgia, wear but the Braves?

But I was surprised to see Bill representing the Cubs. And he gives a shoutout to Ernie!

If you're wondering where the current resident of the White House is in this celebration, he's simply not here. There's no reason for this to be political, but for our Birther in Chief, race has never been anything BUT political. He's not about to celebrate Black history now, when a percentage of his base indulges in paranoia over "reverse racism." Better for his poll numbers to divide and conquer than to reach out and heal and try to be President of the entire nation.

Ironically, the Donald J. Trump Foundation once did something wonderful for the Negro Leagues, underwriting one of their reunions when their original backing fell through. That was back in the 1980s, before he became President and saw the benefit of tweeting "white power."

Rejecting hate: Just another reason I'm Ridin' with Biden!